Our calculation is based on the rental from one day (24 h) and more. Of course you can also use the bike for a shorter period – but we always calculate the daily rate.

Unfortunately we have to reserve the right to charge a full day’s rent. Maybe the bike is already reserved for the next customer and we can not rent it because of the late return.

If no reservation has yet been made for the existing bike, it can of course be extended at any time. However, please contact the rental staff before the scheduled deadline.

We offer the voluntary conclusion of a rental bike insurance. This includes all damage caused by operating errors, falls and accidents on the bike. The insurance does not cover the loss of the bike due to theft – you should take out your own liability.

Our high-quality locks included in the price have so far impressively withstood the loss due to theft.

We provide the most common pedals Shimano SPD and SPD-SL, Look KEO and Normal Pedals for free. You can also bring your own pedals and we will assemble them for you.

You can also bring your own saddles.

We offer in our bicycle rental as good as new, high-quality and sporty looking rental helmets. In Spain, helmets are compulsory outside the town and on public roads. Children and teenagers are generally required to wear helmets.

By the way, the penalties imposed by the police for non-compliance are very sensitive (up to 100 € per person plus retention of the bike).

In our simple booking system you will find the desired bike and the frame heights with the appropriate body sizes from/to. Simply sort in the appropriate bike and you have the right bike.

  • cycling clothing or other comfortable clothing
  • Cycling shoes (normal sports shoes also work)
  • Saddle (if your own does it better)
  • Pedals (if they are not the standard system pedals)
  • identity card or passport or driving licence (one photo document)

Our racing bikes, cross and mountain bikes are equipped with speedometer, pump, spare tube and tire lever as well as bottle holder. We can add a lock at no extra charge as well as a mini tool.

Locks are also standard on all other bikes. We recommend that you take a puncture spray with you (free of charge if not in use) in case of tube or tyre defects. We can also mount bottle holders here.

Once we have the dimensions (handlebar centre – saddle tip, saddle top edge – bottom bracket centre, handlebar centre – floor), we adjust the bike accordingly. Changes to the stems, handlebar widths and crank lengths are not possible.

Yes, you can store the bike borrowed from us free of charge in our bike cellar. Here it is also insured. Bikes from other companies can also be stored for a fee of 1,50 € / day.

We also offer repairs for foreign bikes.

For larger groups we can provide a guide and offer various tours. Please arrange this in advance.

Fixed tours with a guide are planned, as soon as they are available you can find out here on our homepage.

However, we can offer GPS devices for hire with tours that offer very interesting routes.

In our shop you can rent bicycle helmets and backpacks. For hygienic reasons we cannot offer clothes and shoes for rent. In our shop you have the possibility to look for the right clothes in advance.

Of course we will do everything we can to ensure that you can enjoy your bike tour without any breakdowns. Our bikes are TOP maintained and serviced. However, should something unforeseen happen, we will pick up the bikes and e-bikes for a fee. If we are responsible for the cause of the damage, this fee will of course be waived.

As long as we have no reservations for the desired bike, it can also be bought used at any time. You can also order new bikes in Germany via our online shop www.radonline.de and they will be delivered to your home free of charge (from an order value of 100€).

Depending on the order (type of bikes, availability and rental period) we can also offer special conditions for groups.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.